Edgar Reyes Design



This is why ideas matter …

I believe that people should spend their money in experiences, not in things. In design, I believe it is the same.

I’ve studied Industrial and Transportation design with the deepest passion for creating tools and spaces: for those memorable experiences, for the anyone who wants to travel and explore, and for the families and friends that are part of your everyday life.

My goal is to transform mundane experiences into genuine moments by taking into account the human condition, the environment and the products we interact with.My process involves the Human condition, the environment and products.

How did I end up here?

My name is Edgar Reyes, and I am Mexican. My dad is a Mechanical Engineer and has a strong passion for transportation systems. I decided to follow his steps in a more artistic way so I decided to study Industrial Design. This passion for the automotive industry helped me push harder than anyone else back in my home country. I was given the opportunity to design the exterior and interior of the first Hydrogen fuel cell car in Latin America for the Shell-echo marathon, and this was the first time I had the opportunity to learn the difference between sketch and production. These efforts led me to the very first Internship my school had ever gotten with a major automotive company - General Motors. There, I designed interior components for the GMC brand. The project was such a success that GM decided to sign a partnership with my university, and now every summer, two students go through the GM internship program. As a result of my efforts, the Director of GM wrote a letter to Art Center, asking them to accept my application 2 years before it was due. In addition, my school supported me in my desire to apply for an internship in Germany. This was not part of the program but they said they’d be flexible with me shall I get accepted. The first and second times I applied I was rejected, but I kept trying and perseverance paid off. On the third try, I was finally accepted. I became the first student of my University to break through and be given an internship with Volkswagen Germany. My job was to design future mobility systems and interior experiences. They gave me a 4-month contract, but at the end of the 4 months, they extended it to a year. Following my experience in Germany, I went back to Mexico City, graduated from Product Design and applied at Art Center. I got accepted and started my adventure in California. I was 100% convinced I wanted to do Interior Design.